General Information:

        The 9th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry (ICGG9) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., from October 1 to 8, 2007. This conference is a sequel to the last one held in Sicily, Italy, in 2005. In last decades, many on-site measurements and delicate analysis in laboratories have become possible due to significant improvement of analytical techniques. Large amount of data have been accumulated and integrated to elucidate the unique characteristics of gas geochemistry, which have become essential for solving many important issues in the Earth Sciences. The conference is devoted to all aspects of research and development on gas geochemistry and its applications in the geosciences. We will bring together the leading researchers in the field of gas geochemistry and hope to achieve a better understanding of the special role of gases in different processes and systems of the Earth.


Date of the Conference:
1st Oct. to 8th Oct. 2007
Venue of the Conference:
Condensed Matter Science and Physics Building, NTU
 (in the campus of National Taiwan University)
Organized by:
Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University (NTU)
Co-organized by:
Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
Research Center for Environmental Changes (RCEC), Academia Sinica
Chinese Petroleum Corporation
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE), NARL
Central Geological Survey, MOEA
Department of Chemistry, National Central University (NCU)
Department of Earth Sciences, National Chen Kung University (NCKU)
Geological Society located in Taipei
Chinese Geoscience Union
Sponsored by: National Science Council
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International Committee: Armienta, M.A. (Mexico) Balderer, W. (Switzerland)
@ Barnet, I. (Czech Republic) Baciu, C. (Romania)
@ Chalupnik, S. (Poland) Chyi, L.L. (USA)
@ Etiope, G. (Italy) Heinicke, J. (Germany)
@ Italiano, F. (Italy) Kies, A. (Luxembourg)
@ Kobal, I. (Slovenia) Martinelli, G. (Italy)
@ Monnin, M. (France) Papastefanou, C. (Greece)
@ Segovia, N. (Mexico)       Solecki, A. (Poland)
@ Taran, Y. (Mexico)    Waseda, A. (Japan)
@ Woith, H. (Germany)        Yang, T.F. (Taiwan)
Local Organizing Committee: Tsanyao Frank Yang (Dept. Geosciences, NTU)
@ Wuu-Liang, Huang (Dept. Geosciences, NTU)
@ Li-Hung Lin (Dept. Geosciences, NTU)
@ Chi-Yu Lee (Dept. Geosciences, NTU)
@ Shaw-Chen Liu (RCEC, Academia Sinica)
@ Georg Zellmer (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica)
@ Cheng-Lung Kuo (Chinese Petroleum Corporation)
@ Vivek Walia (NCREE, NARL)
@ Yunshuen Wang (Central Geological Survey, MOEA)
@ Jia-Lin Wang (Dept. Chemistry, NCU)
@ Jiin-Shuh Jean (Dept. Earth Sciences, NCKU)