Field Excursion:

      Following the five-day program (October 1-5, 2007), a three-day field trip (October 6-8, 2007) is organized to visit the hydrothermal areas in northern Taiwan, Petroleum museum of Chinese Petroleum Company, earthquake museum and fault scarps in central Taiwan, and mud volcanoes/seepages along active fault zones in southwestern Taiwan. Following is the tentative itinerary:

October 6 (Saturday): Taipei -> Yangmingshan National Park (active hydrothermal areas) -> CPC Taiwan Petroleum Exhibition Hall -> Earthquake museum and fault scarps -> stay at Taichung (central Taiwan)

October 7 (Sunday): Taichung -> Chung-lun mud pool and hot spring -> Suei-Ho-Tung-Yuan everlasting fire on water -> Kuan-tze-ling mudding hot springs -> Jia-sian carbonate outcrop of cold seep deposits in mudstones -> stay at Kaohsiung (southern Taiwan)

October 8 (Monday): Kaohsiung -> Wu-shan-ding mud volcano, and nearby mud volcanoes -> Feng-Yuan (fault scarps) -> arrive Taipei around 18:00.

Participants who want to join the trip need to fill the registration form and pay the payment before July 30, 2007.  The cost is US$250 for each participant. It includes field guidebook, three day meals, two-day accommodation (Oct. 6 and 7), and transportation.  Extra US$100 need to pay for the single room accommodation.


Mud Volcanoes in Taiwan

Little video showing some mud volcanoes in Taiwan!


Cold seep outcrops in Jia-sian

Active Volcanoes in Taiwan