The international committee decided several important things during the conference.

(1)  Inviting Drs. S. Singh (India), D. Hilton (USA), Z. Duan (China), M. Perez (Spain), B. Marty (France) and G. Yuce (Turkey) to be the new members of the international committee.

(2)  Making the decision that the organizer for 10th ICGG is Dr. C. Baciu (Romania).

(3)  Selecting four top best papers from all young scientists, they are:

(1) Tefang F. Lan (National Taiwan University, Taiwan),

(2) Gyorgy Czuppon (Osaka University, Japan),

(3) Hsiao-Fen Lee (National Taiwan University, Taiwan);

(4) J.P. Das (Physical Research Laboratory, India). 

 Congratulate to their success. Dr. Baciu has committed to give them financial support, at least free accommodation and waiver of registration fee, to attend the 10th ICGG in Romania.